Accra is best place to hangout and enjoys holidays.

Published: 10th June 2011
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Accra is not only the capital city of Ghana. But city is equally important for visitors and businessmen. This city has very old history. Since 1877 this city is capital of Ghana. Accra is hub of all administrative, economic and commercial activities of Ghana. This modern conurbation of Ghana is backbone of Ghana in all respects and aspects. More than 70% of the manufacturing of Ghana gets done at Accra. That is why businessmen frequently visit this city by booking cheap flights to Accra with Arik Air and explore the prospects of new business here.

Getting cheap flights to Accra is not a tricky business any more. People now can search for flights to Accra through internet. This is the easiest way to book flights to Accra. All the major companies have their websites on internet. If a person is planning to business enterprise with South Accra in off-season, he can grab some cool deals. Every airline reduces the fare and this will certainly help a person to get cheap flights to Accra. Before relying on a particular airline for getting flights to Accra ticket, the fact is there are no hidden charges in it. At times, airline companies fool a person by hiding some charges. One needs to collect information about the airline company before reaching any conclusion.

If you want cheap deals as well it is better to contact any travel agent or tour operator. In this way you can not only avail the cheap flights to Accra but also can get the details of cheap and discounted accommodations at Accra. This place is the best place to pay visit in affordable budget. This place is full of attractions and natural beauties. OSU Castle, National Museum, kwame Nkrumah Museum, National Theater, International conference center, Revolution Square, Independence Square, Light House, James Fort, Du Bios fort and many more are the famous attractions located at Accra. Being situated on the shore of Atlantic Ocean, this makes Accra the natural host of stunning and beautiful beaches. Some of the most famous names of the beaches are Labadie beach, La Pleasure beach, Ada beach, Elmina beach, kakrobite beach, Coco beach, Bojo beach. These beaches are situated at the different distances from the main city and famous Airport of Kotoka.

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